Cancer Centers

The four Don Monti Cancer Centers located in Nassau and Suffolk form the most advanced network of cancer treatment services in the region, bringing hope and healing
to all of our patients in the fight against cancer.

North Shore University Hospital

The state-of-the-art Don Monti Division of Oncology in Manhasset is considered one of the finest cancer care centers in the country. It is led by 23 board-certified, full-time oncologists/hematologists, plus a full staff of oncology nurses, researchers, technicians, dieticians and social workers.

Among its highlights:

• Home to the Don Monti Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit.
• Offers advanced radiation oncology services and linear accelerators.
• Offers a unique Complimentary Alternative Therapies program, which includes, music therapy, guided imagery and other relaxation therapies.

Huntington Hospital

Huntington Hospital’s Don Monti Cancer Center is a comprehensive resource for cancer patients in its community. It is one of only 20 hospitals in the New York State to be designated as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Among its highlights:

• Tita & Joseph Monti Patient Lounge abd Atrium, underwritten by a grant from the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation, where patients and their families can relax in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
• One of the first in the area to offer Mammosite, a type of radioactive seed implantation to treat select great cancers.
• General and subspecialty surgeons, who offer the latest minimally invasive approaches.
• Medical oncologists who provide advanced therapies, including gene therapy, and offer access to clinical trials of newly emerging treatments.
• 25 -bed inpatient oncology unit.
• Dedicated Women;s Health Center.

Glen Cove Hospital

The Don Monti Cancer Center in Glen Cove offers sophisticated treatments, including inpatient oncology services, in a warm, community setting.

Among its advanced features:

• Scintimammography, an advanced imaging test that can detect breast cancers as small as one centimeter.
• Sentinel lymph node biopsies and complex therapies that can help rid the body of excess lymphatic fluid.
• Coincidence imaging, which combines nuclear medicine, camera technology and the use of radioactive tracers to identify stages of tumor growth.
• Education, outreach and support programs.

Planview Hospital

The Don Monti Division of Oncology in Plainview offers a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient oncology services in a comprehensive personable community setting.

Uniting compassionate care with expert practice, our medical oncologists and surgeons provide current standard-of-care treatment, up-to-date surgical approaches, and access to clinical trials.

Our certified oncology RNs provide chemotherapy infusions and blood product transfusions in our comfortable out-patient infusion center seven days a week from 7AM – 7PM. Our inpatient infusion unit offers oncology treatments and counseling in a warm and caring environment. Education, outreach and support programs are available to ourpatients and their families.