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On June 21, 1972, Tita and Joseph Monti lost their 16 year old son Don to myeloblastic leukemia.  


“We won’t tell you he was a brilliant boy..that he was handsome…even that he never got into trouble.  We’ll only tell you that he was our son, and he died in June at the age of sixteen, of blood cancer…..” An excerpt from a letter written by Tita Monti after her son’s death.

That night, The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation was born. Since it’s inception we have raised over $50 million dollars thanks to the unwavering support of our donors.

The Funds We Raise

  • Serve our patients being treated at the Don Monti Cancer Centers throughout Northwell Health

  • Support the research activities of our scientists at the Joseph and Tita Monti Research Center at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

  • Supports an endowed chair scholarship at Long Island University’s Post Campus for students with academic concentrations in the sciences, pre-med and genetics.  

Our immediate goal is to ease the pain and suffering of our patients, to help their families at a time of great need and ultimately find a cure for all cancers.

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