Anna Paternoster

My story begins with a visit to NSUH for a routine 20-week sonogram during my pregnancy with my third son, Duke. The doctor had noticed a small cyst on my ovary and asked me to have it looked at after the baby’s birth.

Seven weeks after Duke’s arrival I did just that. The diagnosis was stage IIIC ovarian cancer. It had spread quickly. It was scary and unbelievable!!!!!

Since that day I have endured two major surgeries, many treatments and trials and all the other stuff that comes in the “cancer package”…and I am still alive and happy today!

These are my heroes: Duke, because if he had not come to me I would not have found the disease as early nor live to tell this crazy tale. Tommy and Malcolm are my other two heroes because they are part of my heart & soul and keep me going and staying strong!!!!! I love these three boys and nothing can take me away! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anna Paternoster

Anna Paternoster

True Love Scott

I dedicate this page to you! You are the love of my life and I could not have survived this journey without you! You are someone who truly knows the meaning of love, family and the vows “in sickness and health.” I love you more each day!!!!!
Xoxox, Anna

My Recipe for Life

Mix all of these ingredients together for a wonderful, joyful and fulfilling life: This works for me! All the love you can find
1 Loving Husband
3 Amazing Children
1 Incredible Mother
5 Great Siblings
11 Fabulous in-Laws
9 Adorable Nieces and
1 Sweet Dog
1 Totally Awesome
Tons of Laughter